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Hairstyles with bangs are so in right now. If you have never worn your hair with bangs, you may not know where to start. One of the most important things you have to remember is to get your hair cut by a professional or risk looking awkward with bangs that are too long or too short. After you have your bangs, there are tons of styling options that will help you get different effects for different occasions. The following cute fresh hair styles are some of the most common, yet most effective ways to style and wear your hairstyle with bangs.

Start with Wet Bangs

In order to get the best look for your bangs, start with wet hair instead of damp. When your hair is wet, you have more control over the overall effect. When your bangs start to dry, they will take a shape and stick to it.

Get Side Swept Bangs

For the best side swept bangs, take a round brush and pull away from the side you want to wear them. Move your hair-dryer from side to side and smooth the strands, bringing them down in half inch sections.


Side Swept Bangs

Make Your Hairstyle With Bangs Sleek

If you have a blunt hairstyle with bangs, take a flat-iron and straighten your hair. Use a spray shampoo to remove excess sheen and use a matte product to make your hair look sleek and sexxy.

Get Sleek Rock n Roll Bangs

If you are looking for a little bit of rock n roll edge for your hairstyle with bangs, coat your hair with a straightener, blow-dry and flat-iron quickly. After you flat-iron, use a pomade to make your hair straight and edgy looking.

Add Volume to Your Bangs

For extra volume on your bangs, spray your hair with a volumizer at the roots and use a round brush to pull your hair up and back.


Add Volume to Your Bangs

Purchase a Brush for Bangs

Using a normal brush for your bangs is ill-advised. In order to get the cute hairstyle you want, purchase a smaller brush that fits your forehead or a small comb that adds even more texture to your look.

Get Bangs for a Hairstyle for a Round Face

If you have a round face, getting the perfect hairstyle with bangs can be difficult. Be sure to add plenty of angles to your face and make sure that your hair doesn’t look soft and fluffy in order to pull off this hairstyle for a round face.

Add an Edgy Texture

If you want an edgy texture for your fringe, try spraying your hair with a dry shampoo that will soak up oil and add lift and texture to your hair.

Add Some Wisp to Your Fringe

For a wispy look for your hair style with bangs, point your hair-dryer straight down while wet and move it back from side to side so they don’t stick to your forehead. Tug your bangs with your fingers to get the perfect wispy style.


Add Some Wisp to Your Fringe

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