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Every time you look on a Hollywood runway, it is hard to not see all of the celebrities with perfect hair. Their long locks look gorgeous in designer gowns and always seem to be just the right length for what they are going for. A not so hidden-secret is that many celebrities choose to wear weave best hairstyles when they get all glitzed up in order to hide their imperfections and look as stunning as possible for the paparazzi.

Usually these weave hairstyles and hair extensions are professionally done and not at all noticeable. Other times, the celebrity’s hair does not totally agree with the extensions and disastrous results occur. Here are 8 different celebrities whose decision to wear a weave hairstyle backfired on them.




Britney Spears


Britney Spears

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has had many plastic surgeries to cover up her drug use and weight loss issues, but many do not realize that her bad habits negatively affected her hair too. When you look at pictures of the actress, it is easy to spot hair extensions on the back of her scalp.


Oprah denies ever wearing a weave hairstyle, but it is pretty evident when you look at pictures of her and the not so subtle track that starts in almost the middle of her head.

Jennifer Aniston

After “Friends” ended, Jennifer Aniston decided to chop all of her hair off into a pixie hairstyle for a change of direction, but regretted the decision and opted for a weave hairstyle. The attached extensions hurt her scalp and made it difficult to grow her hair back to its former length.

Naomi Campbell


Naomi Campbell

Christina Aguilera

Christina often appears with golden, flowing locks of hair, but a celebrity paparazzi caught her with a much frumpier look when she had her extensions out. She is also famous for wearing colorful dreadlocks and other long top hairstyles in her earlier career.

Amanda Bynes

During the former actress’ infamous meltdown, Amanda appeared on Twitter pictures and celebrity gossip magazines with a full head of hair. This turned out to be a long weave hairstyle when she appeared in court with a short pixie hairstyle.

Celebrity weave hairstyles may shock you, but these stars always look totally different without their makeup, and you would not recognize them when they were younger due to plastic surgeries.

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